The Dabangg Deity: Why the aura of Bhai can never be jailed

While people are busy loading their gods with a liter of milk or kilograms of gold, our regular deity Sallu Bhai go street on bail, but not scot free! Jodhpur court Thursday found Salman Khan guilty under Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, for the murder of two Blackbuck 1998. His ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ co-stars who had followed him – Sonali Bendre, Neelam, Saif Ali Kha and Tabu was acquitted. Salman Khan has been accused of killing two chinkaras and 1998, while he was filmed in Jodhpur.

He hunted because he is ‘Salman Khan’? Could be. A friend of mine said that nobody would care if it was someone else. He is right, and it’s just unfortunate that someone else in his place could have come acquittal of years ago. But he hunted for the right reason? Absolutely. If Bhai is under public scrutiny because of his status is both honor and guilt his cross to bear.

While the empty basement in his name, lamenting the loss of their god, citizens and netizens is joy in the street is not so human God who now walks among them. It was a no-brainer that he would get bail and why would not he? He has access to hire principle, just like an ordinary citizen. But the fact that our judicial system took two decades to catch up regretting.

In 2015, the Bombay High Court had observed in Salman Khan hit and run so that “”strong suspicion of guilt can not be used to hold a person guilty.”” It rings true even today. But it is clear from all that has been reported about the case that it is a case of weak prosecution. Defense is absurd and extends from the arguments antelopes died from dog bites to his allegedly feeding the black money instead of pushing it.

My future lawyer friend complaining about a false start by celebrating the conviction Bhaijaan he was eventually released on bail. His Bhaktjans now face the wrath of the people for their comments. In 2015, when the Bombay HC had acquitted Salman in a 13 year-old hit and run case, singer Abhijeet shot straight to the Lame-light with his dog and the Pauper analogy. So much for Sallu worship! Now the Pakistani foreign minister’s idea that Salman persecuted for being a minority player in the Hindu-Muslim Faultline, plain as day!

Wildlife (Protection) Act seen abysmal convictions; We have not abided by the law in letter and spirit. A large number of cases have led to an acquittal due to lack of independent witnesses to substantiate the facts alleged by prosecutors. It is unwaveringly persistent Bishnoi community who brought has brought Salman to heel. Tribal community near animal rights and protection of endangered species are well known and documented. It is their unwavering belief in the justice system that has pushed Salman past 20 years.

But why Salman Khan still collect craziest fan follow this industry has ever seen? Why is a six-year-old fan of his vowed not to eat until he was released on bail? Does she even understand the implications of their decision, or is it works at her through his ardent followers? Salman was called a habitual offender in court, and has had several run-ins with the law in the three decades he has spent in this business. From poaching to violence and harassment by colleagues Salman has been blamed for everything. But he was forgiven by fans who wanted to worship the deity who has a larger-than-life depiction of the screen, so much so that his human follies and fears are beyond reproach. They forget mistakes tongue because he wears his heart on his sleeve.

The secret ingredient is good marketing. Tagged Salman has been designed with master strokes, the best is his charity being human. From the crucial lover boy on Barjatya’s “”Maine Pyar Kiya”” to the very muscular Robinhood Chulbul Pandey – Salman Khan has set over an enviable macho persona that people want to emulate. His strength is his visible flaws – he has deviated from the right path for many times, but has managed to triumph, be it from his dysfunctional relationships or unsuccessful films and also his trials. Bhai fervent supporters are all heart for him.

Let’s get it out there: It is undeniable that Salman has done a lot for the people of this country. He has lent a helping hand, a shoulder to thousands through his charity. He could have done a lot to atone for his sins, if he is guilty of it (we will not forgive him for giving the industry a lot of stars that we could have done without. But it is a question for another day ). Still, it does not absolve him of a case. If there is evidence against him, let him bear the brunt of their actions. If not, let Tiger go out to live another day. But comparing his crimes to his charitability does nothing to reduce their crime. They are two separate mono identity of a person.
Do not let my rant do you think I have any grudge against Salman Khan. I hold nothing against him. But the law must be equal for all, regardless of their position and status. This allows more than just an ‘ideal situation’ for our country, a figment of my sick imagination.

Do we see ourselves in Salman Khan, who has temporarily slipped and made a mistake? Can we blame their mistakes on young blood? He was caught in a typical bad boy but good heart debate.
I think Salman has made a mistake and he must pay the price. I admire him for his charity and his charm, but without doubt our Dabangg deity need to go down and be a mortal man who has failed.

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