Car Accident of Violinist Balabhaskar Succumbs to Injuries After Week

Balabhaskar renowned violinist, who signed in a car accident last month, was injured, died early Tuesday, officials said October 2. hospital. He was 40 years old.

Balabhaskar two-year-old girl died in a traffic accident happened on 25 September, and his wife Lakshmi was seriously injured and treatment.

The family returned to the temple to worship in Thrissur, when his car went out of control and has a tree. The car was a friend of Bhaskar, driven Arjun, who was also injured.

Balabhaskar had suffered multiple injuries and had undergone a surgery. He suffered a massive cardiac arrest around 1 am on Tuesday.

After 16 years of marriage his daughter Tejaswani girl was born.

Balabhaskar at least three movies in a number of musical and music albums. Kerala has been promoted fusion music.

Rest in peace, Balabhaskar.

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