Gandhi Jayanti Special: The memories of the Father of the Nation are held in this place, from here it was the first arrest

Palwal district, on the outskirts of Haryana, has cherished memories of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Memories of Mahatma Gandhi are very close to Palwal. During the freedom movement, the first arrest of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, was held at Palwal Railway Station. Old photographs related to his memories are still kept in a museum inside Gandhi Sevashram and his documents related to his arrest have been placed at Palwal railway station. Arrested while opposing the Rowlatt Act
The Criminal Rollate Act was imposed by the British Government to crush the freedom movement. There was a movement in whole Punjab in protest of that Rowlatt Act. Due to the same agitation, the British government banned the entry of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi to Punjab. Mahatma Gandhi had called for a movement against public opinion in public. On 6th April this movement was very successful in the whole of the country, especially in the then Punjab.

Mahatma Gandhi left from Mumbai to take stock of the situation after the movement. Due to Gandhiji’s coming to Punjab, the British government banned him from entering Punjab, but Mahatma Gandhi ignored the ban of the British government and boarded the train from Mumbai and left for Lahore. As soon as Gandhiji’s train reached Palwal station on April 10, 1919, the British government arrested him. Palwal was then a part of Punjab.

Punjab had raised water in protest against arrest
The entire Punjab was raising water in protest of Gandhiji’s arrest. The place was started in procession, holding, exhibition and rallies. In order to preserve Mahatma Gandhi’s arrest, independence fighters then decided to establish an ashram in Palwal. After that, on October 2, 1938 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had come to Palwal and laid the foundation stone of Gandhi Sevashram on the Warehouse Road here. At that time, the garment merchants here had laid the clothes of the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on the ground floor.

Rare pictures are planted in the museum
In the Gandhi Sevashram, which was named after the Father of the Nation, is still engaged in the rare picture of Gandhiji associated with the freedom movement. It is said that such rare pictures are not anywhere in the country, which are in Palwal’s Gandhi Sevashram. Apart from these, photographs of Gandhiji, found at Palwal railway station and the order of arrest under the Rowlett Act, are also put here at the same time.

School children come to see exhibition
Devi Charan Mangla, Pradhan Gandhi Seva Shram Palwal, says that during the freedom movement in Gandhi Seva Shram, the exhibition of rare paintings of the district came to see not only children of remote schools in the district. Guests who hoist the flag on Independence Day and Republic Day visit the Gandhi Sevashram to observe the exhibition. The service is being monitored by the Gandhi Sevashram Trust. Every year, a prayer meeting and a yajna are organized on Gandhi Jayanti. In addition to the people affected by Gandhi from across the district, the officials also come.

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