If Paul Alan was not then No One knew Microsoft nor any Bill Gates

Paul Allen is not This was the same person who laid the foundations of Microsoft with Bill Gates . After separating from Microsoft , he joined new things and progressed in technology and entrepreneurship with welfare activities. Without the knowledge of Paul Allen, we can not even think of the microsoft we know today. Indeed, this great brand of the world should be called the example of Gates and Allen’s great friendship. These friendships were broken when they were resigned and they could never get involved.

Paul Allen Were 65 years old. They could not be saved after the complications of lymphoma cancer. After his demise, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said, “I’m sad because of the breakup of my oldest and dear friend.” My heart is broken. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Paul was a true partner and could not even think about his personal computing. They made great products and institutes.

If Gates and Allen were not friends, then Microsoft could not become such a great brand. But the stream of time has removed both of them so that both of them made different paths. Never again worked together.

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