Internet users across globe could experience network failures in next 48 hours

Internet users around the world, including India, may experience some difficulties for the Internet and connecting as the main domain servers are scheduled to span over the next 48 hours routine maintenance to undergo.

With reports, Internet users around the world can network connectivity failure of the main domain servers experience and associated infrastructure is not a time over the next two days will be. In addition, worldwide Internet users may also experience difficulty in accessing Web pages and transactions do.

Maintenance work is the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) and the organization within the next 48 hours and can change the cryptographic keys that the system domain name field (DNS) which protect it essentially is “Address Book Internet.

For simplicity, consider this: the DNS domain names such readable in computer readable form, or IP address, and vice versa. During his service work, is ICANN change the key for this book, which in turn is the increase in cases of computer concentrating on the Internet to help recover.

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) in a statement said that the global Internet closure was necessary in the safe, stable and flexible DNS guarantee. “For some Internet users to resolve might be affected, if Network or service providers (ISPs) are not prepared for these changes. However, this effect can by enabling adequate system security extensions avoided”, added the organization said in a statement.

Particularly, the DNA of hundreds of root servers that attended all over the world system available. Therefore, in theory, if a server is down, the other will take over until the server is back online is faulty. That means that, on paper, end users encounter serious difficulties, where the Internet is used.

However, the burden of the proper functioning of the Internet in the hands of Internet service providers (police) structures, the effective system instead appreciate traffic may have.

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