Jubilee special: In this way Sardar Patel threaded India in the form of unity

Independent India’s first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was made a Member of the State Ministry on behalf of Indian side in July 1947. During this time he was assigned the task of laying 550 princely states in the form of unity. By the end of January 1948, only Hyderabad and Junagadh were left for talks. Even in October 1947 it was part of Kashmir.

The fast-paced mission to bring the states together, famously known as Iron Man of India, was greatly appreciated but it was not so easy. They had to face a lot of challenges. Sardar Patel used all his intelligence and experience to bring one state together after another.

Her daughter and Hamraj Maniben Patel, together with GM Nandurkar, have written it closely in the book ‘Sardar Patel – In Tune with the Millions’. He wrote that Mahatma Gandhi had dreamed of a united India which Sardar Patel had accomplished. He was like a machine to fulfill that dream of Mahatma Gandhi.

After the formation of the state ministry, in his speech Sardar had said, “I hope the Indian state will keep in mind that cooperation in common interest is the only option and if they become unable to come together, then chaos and The situation of clutter will become. ‘

Sardar Patel had told the integration of Saurashtra to Mahatma Gandhi’s dream. It also touched the emotional aspects of Rajput rulers by calling it Maharana Pratap’s wish. He also urged the citizens not to understand the predecessors as weak and maintain respect for all the rulers who came forward to be part of the new nation.

Director of BJ Institute of Learning and Research Ramji Savaliya said that assessment of Sardar’s character in the creation of India is not easy. He says, ‘Someone should understand that how many diversities he had faced from today’s Himachal Pradesh from the’ Punjab hill states’ of Cochin Travancore in the south. Seeing the people’s involvement in Junagadh, he trusted them more to ensure integration. “

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