Exercises, yoga and tango moves to lose belly fat

Belly bulge is one of the toughest things to get rid of when you want to lose weight. Accumulated fat around our belly does not paint a healthy picture that can pose a risk of many lifestyle diseases. Eating a healthy meal is one of the most important ways to ensure that you do not add this bulge, but to destroy this excess fat, you must ensure that you exercise and includes exercises in your diet that targets belly flab. These exercises will also strengthen your core in the process and regularly make them will result in losing the bulge. Of course, this will not happen overnight, or for 10 days, for that matter, but do not give up and continue to do these exercises and soon you will see the difference. One of the ways to mark this change is by having a top that is tightly around the mid riff and then continue to try as the weeks go by. In this way, when it starts to feel loose, you know that you have shed excess flab. You can also measure with a tape measure, and then do the same thing as you progress with your workouts.

Now before you wonder what is it that you can do to lose those extra inches, we have a list of exercises you can try. From the simple plank and its many variants, makes yoga work on core and abdominal toning exercises, we have everything for you. In addition to these, we have also a fun way to beat the bulge by dancing you. Try tango that will not only improve your dancing skills but also tone your body, including the stomach.

Walk the plank

Planking is by far the best way to cut down your waist. This is an isometric exercise that strengthens your core and stabilize the body. Celebrity trainer and fitness expert, says Rakesh Udiyar “”board helps to build strength in the core, waist, and even improve your posture. If you suffer from severe back pain, planks are the most effective way to reduce pain because they strengthen your upper and lower back muscles. Do it regularly and you will burn more calories and improve your metabolism. “”For toned abs worthy of the most beautiful lehenga or sexiest sheath dress, try this effective move, says Faye Remedios. Swapneel Hazare, senior fitness consultant, PROSPORT Fitness-A Zaheer Khan Initiative, explains how to do it right.

Walk the plank

Lying prone (down) on a mat. Place the arms shoulder width apart, keep your legs out and elbows bent and just below the shoulders; lock hands.

Raise your body slowly and make a straight line with your shoulders, hips and ankles. Make sure there are no creases on the back of the neck in a neutral position.

When you lift your body, pull your navel towards your spine and squeeze your glutes (butt). Maintaining a neutral spine (no excessive bow across the back).

Hold this position as long as possible without compromising on the form. Stop if you start to move, or if you shake exaggerated.

Plank row and kickback:

“Begin in a plank position with your right hand resting on a manual. Take the weight on the chest, pause, and then straighten the elbow to the forearm is parallel to the floor. Pause, then reverse the motion to return to the start. There is a rope. Quit representatives on one side before switching. Do 3 reps on each side.

Plank with front raise: Start in a plank position with your right hand in a manual. Extend your right arm straight out in front of the shoulder height, keeping your hips parallel to the floor. Slowly lower back to the starting position. There is a rope. Quit representatives on one side before switching. Do 3 reps on each side.”

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