PM Modi said Sardar Patel-Sir Chhoturam Connection, Look at ‘Jatland’ on the excuse of Rehbar-e-Azam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday unveiled 64 feet high statue of Deenbandhu Sir Chhotu in Sandala located in Rohtak district of Haryana . Simultaneously, PM Modi also laid the foundation stone of Rail Coach Factory, which is going to be built in Sonepat district . Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his address in Haryana and tried to get Jatland’s nearly 28 percent Jat voters in line with the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “It is my good fortune that today I got an opportunity to unveil the magnificent statue of the farmers ‘voices, farmers’ messiah, Rahbar-e-Azam, Dinabandhu Chaudhary Chhotu Ram Ji. Earlier, I also went to the museum in memory of Chaudhary Chhotu Ram Ji. This image of Sir Chhotu Ram Ji has become an identity for Sampla-Rohtak. ‘

They have prepared Sir Chhotoram and Sardar Patel The idol of
PM Modi said, “In October, there was an opportunity to unveil the statue of Sir Chhotu Ram Ji, the highest peasant in Haryana and on October 31 will get the opportunity to unveil the statue of the world’s highest leader, Vallabh Bhai Patel. Both worked a lot for the farmers. Let me tell you that this statue has been created by Mr. Sutaraji, he has also constructed the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Ji. I congratulate all the citizens of Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab as well as all the citizens.

PM Modi said, “The opportunity to get youngsters from the rail factory. ” Wherever the soul of Sir Chhotu Ram Ji will be, it will be happy to see that the foundation stone of the Rail Coach factory in Sonipat has taken place on the same day. After the construction of this coach factory, the compulsion to send the coaches to remote factories for the maintenance of passenger coaches will end. The availability of passenger coaches will continue. This coach factory will provide employment opportunities for the youth. The engineers and technicians here will get the opportunity to get the expertise because of the factory.

Sardar Patel had said this special thing for Sir Chhotoram
During the address, Narendra Modi said, “Companions, it was my good fortune that in Haryana I had a lot of work to do. When I used to work here, there is hardly any day that no one in Sir Chhotu Ram Ji talks about any incident. There is no such village in Haryana, where no member is connected to the army. The credit for working with the army goes to Deenbandhu Sir Chhotu Ram to a large extent. He could not see an independent India in his life, but he understood the requirements, aspirations. He always raised voice against British divide and rule. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had said that if Sir Chhotu Ram Ji was alive today, then I do not have to worry about Punjab during the partition … Sir Chhotu Ram Ji will handle. ‘ PM Modi said, ‘Here in Chhattari Sahib, Rohtak had said that for me farmers,

‘Why is the great personhood limited in the realm?’
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “I have heard the story of moneylender many times. The moneylender had advised Sir Chhotu Ram Ji to be a patwari. The moneylender did not realize that the one who has advised to become Patwari is going to become the chief of thousands of Patwaris. Many people in the country will not even know that this Bhakra dam which was the same was of Sir Chhotu Ram Ji. Many times I wonder why such a great person was limited in one area. Our government is working to honor the people of the country. “

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